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Is your resume getting you interviews?

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Over 90% of people using The Resume Coloring Book format, do.

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Do any of these sound familiar?

“I’ve been sending out resumes for months and I’m not hearing anything back.”

“I’d love to start writing my resume, but I have
absolutely no idea what to put on it.”

“My only experience is in crummy jobs. How can anyone hire me based on that?”

“I can’t get a job because the job market really sucks for new grads right now.”


What if I told you that a coloring book could greatly increase your chances of getting interviews that get you hired?

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“What can I say about your book other than it’s incredible and super helpful!
Now I will feel more confident when submitting my resume.
I am sure it will stand out!”

B.K. – Ontario, Canada

I’m Lea McLeod, creator of the Resume Coloring Book.

I have written resumes in this format for countless grads and other job seekers who were in the same position you are; you need to create a powerful resume that reaches the right people and gets you hired.

In fact, more than 90% of my clients using this resume template get interviews more quickly (often within days) submitting their resumes!

I want to share what I know with you…

Take quick peek at what’s inside The Resume Coloring Book:
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The Resume Coloring Book is the formula for a successful, professional resume template!

This template has gotten my clients interviews faster and more successfully than when they were writing a resume on their own and not getting any results! And it’s simple!

Using a color-based, easy to follow method, you will create a resume that looks like it was created by a professional, has a 60% better chance of being read, and greatly increases your chances of getting more interviews!*

I’ll teach you how to identify and take credit for the skills you have, and, how to turn them into powerful credentials for your resume that will attract the employers you want to work for!


Why It Works

According to research from, recruiters tend to follow a consistent visual path when reviewing both resumes and online profiles, so an organized layout is crucial.

The Resume Coloring Book shows you how to produce a clear visual order, with pertinent and relevant information where recruiters expect it.

With the Resume Coloring Book you will create an easy-to-scan, readable resume that will make your resume
60% more likely to be reviewed!

It’ll also teach you how to identify and take credit for the skills you have, and, how to turn them into powerful credentials for your resume that will attract the employers you want to work for.

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With The Resume Coloring Book,
you’ll create a resume you can be proud of!

We’ll show you how with these simple tools:

  • 6 simple colored blocks that will get you a confidence building resume!
  • A 3-sentence formula for a great professional summary that keeps your reader engaged.
  • How to develop one sentence to make your core competencies jump off the page.
  • How to find and use keywords that will magnetize employers!
  • A simple 3-step formula for writing resume sentences that you’ll feel proud to put on your resume.
  • How to customize your resume so that it speaks directly to the employer you want to attract!
  • No more list of “tasks” on your resume! How to showcase your experience with strong, quantitative evidence instead.
  • Figure out where exactly to put your education credentials!


And, you get these essential bonuses!

Check Mark

  • Templates for your cover letter, so that it has the look and feel of your newly beautified resume. (P.S. It won’t hurt your head to write it, either!)
  • Matching template for your Professional References, so they’re ready to leave when you really want the job, and when the employer is ready to check you out!
  • Template for your Interview Leave Behind, which shows the employer how exactly you are a perfect match for the talent they need and helps you close the deal!


 Get The Coloring Book Resume E-Course,
and you’ll Get Even MORE Resume Goodness!

  • The Coloring Book Resume E-Course focuses EXCLUSIVELY on your RESUME!
  • You’ll get a deep dive on how to analyze your experience using the 5 step ETHOS method
  • You’ll see tons of examples on how to more confidently state, and quantify, the experience you DO have!
  • You’ll get 6 sets of questions to suss out your experience and skills
  • 4 ways to quantify your work, with before and after examples in writing good sentences!
  • 5 ways to state numbers on your resume!
  • Step by step examples for writing your 3 sentence professional summary
  • How to position your core competencies to attract that employer, with lots of specific examples!
  • How to avoid the sin of “listing tasks” and write sentences about your work experience that lead your reader down the page! Examples galore!
  • Before and After examples of blah, boring resumes transformed by the Resume Coloring Book Method!
  • And, how to move your colored blocks around, to create unique and personalized resume formats without compromising your content


What Others Are Saying

TaylorBrady  “The coloring book method is far superior than what I was doing, and it works… I had one job interview and he said that the resume was what got me the interview.”

Taylor B.



HeatherHeadshot“The basic layout of the coloring book was really helpful to simplify the whole resume process. It makes writing your resume so much easier!”

Heather M.



StevenHeadshot“The coloring book helped me drive what was really important to an employer and helped me to organize my thoughts to a more professional level… Now I’m a lot more comfortable having a strong resume I can present to employers.”

Steven B.


Carley S.“The Resume Coloring Book made creating my new resume so easy! My resume is now clean, direct and to the point… and I’ve already received a callback for an interview.”

Carley S.




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*Source: Keeping An Eye On Recruiter Behavior. The Ladders.


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