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College Grad Job Search

Are you a recent grad (or the parent of one)?

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“I have a phone interview tomorrow. First application with the new résumé and cover letter structure, and I’m farther along than I’ve been in 3 years! Thank you so, so much. I only wish I’d contacted you sooner”

- A. C. [recent grad]

 Are YOU struggling with your job search?

  • Is your resume not generating the interest you would like?
  • Do you find yourself sending endless applications in online and hearing nothing?
  • Do you lack confidence in your job search overall?
  • Are you not really sure what you have to offer an employer?
  • Does the job search feel so overwhelming you don’t know where to start?

It’s understandable that this may feel uncomfortable for you.This is an entirely new skill you probably didn’t learn in school, and now you must develop it.

Before meeting Lea, I was completely overwhelmed. I couldn’t count how many jobs I had applied for and not heard anything back. Through working with Lea, I was able to perfect my resume and cover letter, but, more importantly gain confidence in my ability to interview for a job.  As someone coming with very little family guidance on how to find a job, Lea was indescribably helpful.
– T.B.     [Graduated June 2012, now gainfully employed!]

Start with a 20 minute complimentary consultation. From there, we can decide what makes the most sense for you.

Or check out my eBooks and coaching options here.

An hour or two to power up your strategy or, a more comprehensive end to end solution.

If you’re even thinking about grad school because of the job situation,
this is WAY less expensive and likely more effective.




What others are saying:

 I followed your suggestions with my resume and the increase of interviews was remarkable.  I have since taken [a great] position with a company in my desired industry owned by one of my target employers!   – A.D. recent grad

I got the job! I can’t say it enough, but your help with my resume and cover letter back in February, along with all your other help, has made a huge difference and I am so so grateful!        – C.M graduated December 2011

I got more out of that one hour conversation than in all the other stuff I’ve heard on interviews and resumes. I totally get what I need to do to move forward.   – I.S. graduated June 2012

I can’t thank you enough for your advice and support. Your insight and expertise made all the difference in the world to my job search! I start with (new company) on June 4th!    – T.Z. older graduate  

You gave me great advice on my resume as well as tips in finding a position. I ended up finding a pretty good job up here in the Portland area! – M.S. graduated June 2012

I wanted to let you know that I got the job I interviewed for yesterday!  – T.B. graduated June 2012



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