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The biggest job search mistake most new grads make

How taking back control can change your job search.
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4 things you must look for in a job posting
4 Things You Must Look For In A Job Posting

Applying to jobs without studying them and understanding how you match up to the qualifications is a waste of time.Instead, I urge you to really look for the messages an employer is sending through a job posting.
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3 things to do in interviews
3 Things You Don’t Do In Interviews (But Should)

So you’ve done all the research, completed the homework assignment and are intellectually prepared for your interview. Congrats! But what about IN the interview? Now, I’m not talking about avoiding those troublesome antics like leaving
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    If you’re stymied in your job search, wondering what exactly it is that you have to offer an employer, I come bearing good news. I think you have a lot more experience than you’re giving yourself credit for.

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    The diploma’s not even in the frame yet and you’ve got that big ominous cloud labeled “job search” hanging over your head. Such a bummer in such beautiful weather. So let’s consider some productive work avoidance. I know. It sounds contradictory, but really it’s not!

  • Turn Your Internship Into a Job Offer

    If you are angling for a full time job offer, your internship is the perfect opportunity to convince someone to hire you. Let’s look at 10 ways to do that.

  • 6 Strategies to Resuscitate Your Ailing Job Search

    There are many things that can trip you up in the job search. They’ll cause you to get frustrated, lose heart, and maybe want to give up. But most are avoidable if you put some forethought and planning into the process. Here are 6 strategies to help you do just that!

  • Resting B*tch Face is Killing Your Job Search

    Although we make light of it, the fact is Resting B*tch Face might be a hazard to your job search without you even knowing it.

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